Is Timatrade a scam? The real review

In this Timatrade review we’ll tell you exactly what’s going with this offshore trading platform. We’ll be clarifying if they are a scam and what your options are if you’ve invested money with them.



What is Timatrade?

Timatrade presents itself as an online trading platform that offers Forex trading, cfd’s, stocks, commodities, crypto and more. The full list is available on their website at

Update: The Timatrade website is no longer active. 



What kind of payments do they take? How can you fund your account?

Their website claims in multiple places that they accept Euros, USD and RUB. However the reports that we’ve received all indicate that clients are being encouraged to send funds via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Why are they encouraging cryptocurrencies?

The unfortunate answer is that cryptocurrencies are exceedingly difficult to recover. There are multiple reasons for this. But this fact is what makes crypto the most popular method of payment for online scammers.



Can I recover my money?

We’ll get to that very shortly. Individuals have recovered their money from crypto scams but we’ll need to elaborate on this at the end of the article.


Is Timatrade a scam?

Timatrade is a confirmed online trading scam. The website is no longer active. Victims of Timatrade generally lost their money to the scam by transferring their funds using cryptocurrency. 


Is Timatrade regulated? is not regulated by any legitimate regulatory body. Because they are a Cryptocurrency service provider, there are little to no options in verifying their legitimacy through conventional methods such as through government regulatory bodies.


The Timatrade website claims to have regulation though?

That’s true. The Timatrade website does present a number of regulatory names giving the appearance that they are a regulated broker. This is a common praction amongst online bitcoin scams.


Who owns Timatrade?

Based on the language on the bottom of the Timatrade homepage, one may assume that they are owned by Gifxtrade Holding Limited.


So are they owned by Gfixtrade?

The language on the site reads “Gfixtrade Holding Limited is the holding company of Gfixtrade Global”. It then goes on to state how GFixtrade Limited is authorised by Cysec and the FSC. Nowhere however does it state that any of these companies own not are they affiliated with Timatrade.


 What should I do if I’ve been scammed?

If you’ve been scammed by Timatrade or Gfixtrade, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out what your options are to get your money back.

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