Every day, that’s correct, every single day new crypto scams pop up. We know this because we’re constantly receiving reports, doing our investigation and adding new scams to our Crypto Scam List. As hard as it may be to believe that, you don’t want to become the next victim.

Here are a handful of scams that have been reported and brought to our attention over the past month.


This phony website and its operators are targeting South African citizens as well as many others. Steer clear of this company if you want to keep your money. One deposit with CryptoPlace will ensure that you never see your money again.


Marcus by Goldman Sachs (clone of an FCA authorised firm)

This scam has been targeting UK citizens, Canadians and anyone else they’ve been able to. Their fake website (www.marcus-uk.co.uk) has been taken down and the scam has been to reported to the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)(UK). However reports are coming in that the “Marcus” scammers are still targeting individuals over Snapchat and charging their victims in bitcoin.

Marcus scam

Razermarkets Scam

Scam website that somehow is still targeting people even after having been reported at the beginning of the 2021. They are the same scammers that operate Cryptopain.com. Unfortunately this scam has a lot of victims who have lost a large amount of money.



Xero Fund or XeroFund is a dirty scam plaguing online investors since the beginning of the year. The most recent victim that reported a case to us was from Canada, but no doubt these scammers are targeting anyone that they can. At the time of this article their website is still active. Be forewarned, this company is a confirmed scam.

Xerofund Scam


The upstanding people running this boiler-room operation are targeting their clients through social media chats and online advertising. The latest report we received came from an individual that was targeted by an fxcityindex operative using Instagram.

Make no mistake about this company. They are scammers and anyone “regulating” them are also scammers.

Fxcityindex scam

Can you get your money back from these scams?

Maybe, some of them, depending on how you paid. Let us know and we can do our best to direct you. One thing to know is to be on the look out for recovery scams. Equally nefarious to these crypto scams are the recovery scams that can follow. Read more about that here.

Looking for a regulated broker that’s not a scam? 

Fortrade is licensed and regulated by the FCA (UK), ASIC (AU) and the IIROC (Canada). This makes them reliable to trade with and you can know that you can withdraw your funds whenever you see fit.