Before we give you a full review of Luxury Business Class ( let’s talk about business class flights for a minute. We get it, they’re not cheap. On the other hand, for many folks, sitting in economy or what some refer to as “coffin class” is not even on the menu. That’s why you searched something along the lines of “cheap business class tickets” in the first place.

To your amazement you found multiple websites advertising cheap business class flights with some of them even offering up to 75% off business and first class! But “how could that even be possible?” you thought as you submitted your information to the website.

The website looked professional and so did the quote you received in your inbox. They even have positive online reviews. But is everything as legit as it seems. We’ll answer all of these questions and everything you need to know regarding if luxury business class is legit or not.

Is Luxury Business Class legit?

Let’s first break down who this company is and what their offer is.

Who are they?

Luxury Business Class is boutique travel company that offers discounted business class and first class airfare worldwide with an emphasis on routes from the U.S. to Europe.

Where are they based?

Luxury Business Class is based in Brooklyn, NY

Their address is: 1692 52nd Street 11204
Brooklyn, NY
United States

Phone Number: 1-800-646-1093


Why did the salesperson have an accent?

With a little digging we were able to find that many of their employees are located in Moldova. This in it of itself is not a cause for concern as many U.S. based companies outsource their teams.

What does Luxury Business Class offer?

Luxury Business Class offers some of the most competitive prices that we’ve seen with offers for business class roundtrip flight packages from the U.S. to Europe starting from the $1,500 range.

Do they actually offer Private Jet bookings?

The company claims to offer private jet bookings, we couldn’t confirm this with them and their website “private jet” page wasn’t of much help either.

Private Jet

How do they offer deals that are so cheap?

We cannot confirm the exact way that Luxury Business Class obtains their tickets but there are a limited number of methods a company can use to secure airline tickets. We presume it’s more likely to be one method in particular. This will shed some light on our original question, is luxury business class legit?

Travel Agency Booking Methods

This is actually an entire article on to itself which we may provide in the future, for now what’s most noteworthy is the price difference that is being offered. To understand how we are evaluating our conclusions we’ve used a real life example.

We went to and searched for a business class flight from Detroit, Michigan out of DTW to Heathrow airport in London. The cheapest fare that we found was using Virgin Atlantic Airlines for a price of $3,684 dollars.

Now even if Luxury Business Class were to honor their lowest advertised price of 30% off, making the price for a ticket of this sort $2,578.80. That’s a whopping savings of $1,105.20! And if you’re going on a trip with another person that’s $2,210.40 dollars off! Even if the economy was is good shape that would be considered incredible savings.

Here’s what’s interesting though. While travel agencies that have high sales volumes and strong partnerships with airlines can have substantial negotiating power. These negotiations rarely result in obtaining fares of 30% off regularly. Our research shows that while discounts of up to 40% are not uncommon, to have enough of those kinds of bookings to advertise 30%-70% off seems highly improbable as a business model.

Mileage Tickets

However there is one way in which these super-discounts can be obtained. That would be using mileage tickets. We’ve covered some aspects of what a mileage broker is in our review of But in short, a mileage broker is a company or individual that uses frequent flyer points from accounts that are purchased and then resells them either in the form of points or as airfare or hotel stays. It is a practice which breaches the guidelines of the airlines.

The biggest risk in purchasing airfare which was obtained through points or awards is that if the airline decides to conduct an audit of accounts, the flight could potentially be cancelled and offered no recourse. In this case the purchaser of the airfare may turn to the mileage broker to compensate them for the ticket that they paid for but there’s no guarantee that the mileage broker is going to reimburse them.

The Risk

We reached out to a former owner of a travel company that primarily sold mileage tickets and asked him how he dealt with these risks.

His answer was simple, he said in the early period of the company he had a cancellation happen and he made sure to come out of pocket whatever was necessary to cover the expenses. Later on however when things grew, the company found itself with too many cancellations to be able to cover, they simply didn’t have the money.

This was a smaller company which may not have had all of its finances in place, but the lesson is clear. Unless the company puts in writing that they will stand behind the airfare that they provide and will make sure to provide alternate options in order that its clients aren’t stranded, you’re basically rolling the dice.

As we mentioned above, for thousands of dollars in savings it can sure seem enticing. But you are definitely taking somewhat of a gamble.

We can’t confirm that Luxury Business Class is a mileage broker, but the advertised pricing does seem to lean in that direction.

Luxury Business Class Reviews

In an effort to determine its legitimacy we analyzed reviews of Luxury Business Class across multiple platforms. The oldest review we found was on and was left on January 25th of 2017. Interestingly enough that’s the very same day that the domain was registered. Unless they had the website built and the service going prior to the purchase of the actual domain this clearly shows that the review is fake.

Fake Reviews

Unfortunately it’s quite common in many industries for companies to purchase reviews or create fake reviews of their own and this is clearly the case with Luxury Business Class. However once again, this in it of itself wouldn’t be a disqualifying factor in calling a company a full blown scam.

So we went deeper in analyzing what customers are saying about Luxury Business Class. What we found was mixed results. There are very obviously a significant amount of people who have enjoyed doing business with them and have saved money on flights. On the other hand, there are a slew of complaints that clients left which all sing a similar tune and relate to the concerns that we mentioned above regarding mileage tickets.

Unusual Responses (For the better)

Something worthy of mention was the way in which LBC responded to the negative reviews left by clients. Often when smaller companies receive negative reviews the go to responses will appear to the tune of “We have never done business with you, you must be mistaking us for a different company” or other types of deflection. In the case of Luxury Business Class it was quite the opposite, They weren’t afraid to acknowledge mishaps and what appears to be cancellations and they appear to take full responsibility.

As an example, on Dec 19th, 2022, a Mrs. Bauer left a scathing review describing her experience trying to check in with Singapore Airlines only to be told that her ticket was cancelled due to “being fraudulent”. While this sounds like the exact horror story that we’ve been describing the risks of, we were surprised to see the company’s response.

luxury business class response to review

While we clearly see from here that Luxury Business Class is a mileage broker at least in part, we have to give credit where credit is due. This story may be the very one you needed to make a decision one way or another.
One thing seems to be clear. Luxury Business Class is not a scam, but you may want to consider paying full fare if you have an important meeting you’re flying to. Or not…maybe you’d like to roll the dice and potentially have to come out of pocket last minute.

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