Is Bitxgains legit? The real review

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In this Bitxgains review we’ll be explaining exactly what Bitxgains is and what they are not and if you can get your money back from

Bitxgains Homepage

What is

According to the Bitxgains website, they are a “brand new online trading platform” that which they claim is so easy to use that people with no trading experience whatsoever can use their platform and make a profit! They also claim that they’re “program” is unique in that they guarantee fixed interest earned for their investors no matter what market conditions are present.

Who is the CEO of

The CEO of is Greg Denis. Nothing is known about him because he doesn’t really exist. He is fictional as is everything else on the Bitxgains website.

Types of Accounts

Bitxgains account types

Bitxgains claims that they offer four different types of accounts. Categorically, the Regular, Mini, Silver, and Platinum. Each of the tiers have a different percentage written on them but it’s impossible to tell what that percentage refers to. Most likely it’s connected to the separate button in each column which says “Deposit Back”. Meaning; they will give you the respective amount of your deposit back. That of course is impossible because as it already becoming apparent to their unsuspecting victims, no amount of money will be given back from their deposit because they are an outright scam.

Regular Account

Regular Account

The regular account has minimum deposit of $700. As a side note it’s very interesting that they put dollar signs next to the numbers as they claim that they are located in London and use comma’s to separate numbers. Of course we wouldn’t expect any consistency from this site as the content on it was probably put together by three inebriated scumbags. In short, the regular account only costs you $700 dollars, maybe that’s Canadian, maybe US. who knows it could even mean Australian dollars. In any event, where it’s common to request anywhere from $200-$300 to open up a trading account, these crooks have managed to up to ante. That’s probably because they’re criminals and don’t really care one way or another. Sorry for the rant.

Mini Account

Well if this one is the Mini account, why is it after the regular? More importantly, why does it require someone to deposit $5000 into it? Oh right, it’s because it’s a cheap scam website and it makes no difference. Very important to note (sarcasm coming) the “Mini” account will give you 8% of your deposit back, only by deposit back they mean, never see your money again ever.

Silver Account: Best Choice

The obvious reason that this is the best choice is because if someone who has $10,0000 actually stumbles onto this website unsuspecting, they’ve already begun their sale in convincing this poor unassuming individual to give them his or her hard earned money. It doesn’t necessarily need to be hard earned, it could also be money collected or donated to a charity and the charity is looking to invest the money to increase their ability to help people (true story that I’ll write about in a different article). The point is that these crooks are relentless and are willing to steal any amount of money from any person no matter who they are or what their financial situation may be.

PLATINUM ACCOUNT: The scammers dream come true

The truth of the matter is, the scammers dreams never come true because their greed keeps them living in a distorted reality that constantly needs to be fed. The Platinum account simply means that this scam company has managed to steal $30,000 or 1000 BTC from an unassuming victim. That’s just unfortunate. Especially because in cases like these, there is little to no recourse. Read below for more on how it may be possible to recover bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. The account like the others comes with the free promise to receive 15% of your initial deposit back. Which is crazy because again. noone ever sees any more back from which is most likely not registered anywhere.

Are they regulated?

Of course not, not to say that any of these account manager type Crypto sites are ever regulated. This one is particularly obvious in it’s scamming outline.

Deposit back anytime? Yeah right…

Bitxcoins deposit claims

Even the wording of this websites false claims is troublesome. Check out the picture above (straight from Bitxgains website). They claim instant withdrawals and automatic interest! That is some audacity. It’s almost laughable (if it weren’t so sad), they claim BANK LEVEL SECURITY and DEPOSIT BACK ANYTIME. Except for the fact that these are outright scam artists stealing people money. One thing is for sure based on countless reports. If you deposit your Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency into a wallet that bitxgains provided you with. You will never be seeing any of that money again.

Bitxgains Affiliate Site reviewed

Fake Affiliate Progam

These guys have really taken things to the next level. They’re even offering a fake affiliate program on their website. Go ahead and click the “BECOME A REPRESENTATIVE” button and see where it takes you. The truth is, they may actually have an affiliate program where they convince others to help them in their scam. Outright shameful.

Online Reviews About

Well not surprisingly there aren’t any online reviews about The only thing you’re likely to find is a bunch scam warning sites who white label names like companies like these to get more results. (Of course doing SEO and trying to be in the top results is fine, we do the same thing. The difference is are you offering anything substantial when someone clicks on your page. We welcome comments and critique, if there’s anything that we can be doing better please don’t hesitate to comment below or send us an email.)

Where is Bitxgains located?

According to the Bitxgains website, they are headquarted in London. Except that they’re not in London, and if they are you won’t find them because there is no address listed and they most likely have never registered any information anywhere.

Can I get my money back from

This is always the most difficult part of the review because I try to be honest. However there are almost always two sides and you will have to decide for yourself. Bitcoin by definition means that you’ve proven by means of sending to another persons address that you have consented to the transaction. On top of that, there are little to no regulatory bodies that are holding these companies accountable. What makes things even more precarious is that many of these bitcoin scams are not even real companies. They’re merely individuals located who knows where in the world buying websites and opening crypto wallets for the sake of running a scam. So to find them would in many cases require a private investigator who may or may not be successful. Having said that there have been reported cases of individuals who have recovered their bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

Definitely reach out if you have been scammed by Bitxgains or any scam. We’ll let you know what your options are and if there is a possibility to get your money back and how to go about it.  Contact Us Now 

Can a recovery company help me?

Very unlikely. The reason for this is that most recovery companies are actually scams themselves. There are legitimate recovery companies that exist and the honest ones will most likely tell you that they won’t take your case simply because the chances of success are so slim. One thing is certain, if a recovery company or any individual promises that they can recover your bitcoin from Bitxgains or any other bitcoin scam AND they ask for money up front. That is 99% a scam. The reason I say 99% is because maybe there is someone out there that I or anyone I know has never met who can actually recover bitcoin succesfully. But until that superhero is revealed, if someone tells you that they can get your bitcoin back you just need to pay them, THEY ARE SCAMMING YOU.

Have you been scammed by Bitxgains?

If you or anyone you know has been scammed by and would like to report information on it and learn how you can fight and in some cases recover your funds, contact us right away and help join the battle.

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UPDATE: Some more fake websites have been found related to Bitxgains. 

It seems that the crooks behind Bitxgains have no shortage of web based material to scam people with. 

The following site was discovered showing different owner information on the bottom of select pages.

Fxbitgains homepage









On the Referral Page 

On the bottom of the “referral tools” page you can find the following language. 

Yinwuju scam




On the homepage it’s different

Fxbitgains review




Who really owns the site? 

The truth of who actually owns the site almost starts to become irrelevant at this point if it wasn’t for the level of fraud that these companies are committing. When dealing with “companies” like these it’s entirely possible that the owners of these sites have not registered any of these companies anywhere and are just putting random fraudulent information to appear to have legitimacy. 


What can be done? 

Contact Us right away if you feel that you’ve been scammed.