Is Crypto Explore Club a Scam?

Cryptoscam Review Series

Yes, Crypto Explore Club is most definitely a typical Crypto scam. This review will outline all of the red flags which are abundantly laid out all over their website.

Crypto Explore Club Review Scam Homepage
Crypto Explore Club Homepage

How do we know that Crypto Explore Club is a scam?

The main reason is because their entire website from start to finish is identical in it style to every other Bitcoin scam on the market. They have a made-up story about how their company came to be. The address that they put on the website doesn’t even match their story. We’ll explain more reasons why we’re confident that this company is a scam later in this review.

Is connected to

We don’t know for sure as of yet. But many individuals have been reporting that they were contacted by both of these “firms” leading us to believe that they are either the same crooks who are operating these websites. Or they are working together. Either way, make sure to steer clear of and at all costs.

Can I get my money back from Crypto Explore Club?

Unfortunately the chances of recovering your money or cryptocurrency from Crypto Explore Club are extremely slim. Bitcoin scams are of the most difficult scams to recover your money from, this is primarily because block-chain technology is not yet regulated in a way where the cryptocurrency can be recalled, nor are the cryptocurrency wallets being held accountable for where the payments are going.

Crypto Explore Club About us

Where is CryptoExploreClub located?

According to the website they are located at 165 Sycamore Circle, Dallas, Texas. Of course if you look up this location, you’ll find a townhouse community certainly not home to the prestigious operations of Robert Rose who “led a group of graduates of the University of Manchester” to engage in “the study of the phenomenon of Bitcoin and development of new alternative cryptocurrency types.” Crypto Explore Club clearly went to not such great lengths in compiling the silly story that can be found in the “about us” section of their website.