Mcoinmarket Review – A real review on MCoinMarket

Is Mcoinmarket a scam Crypto broker? 

We will cover exactly that in this review of Mcoinmarket and let you know if Mcoinmarket has been confirmed a scam. This Mcoinmarket review will also help you understand why we maintain our position on their operation and what your plan of action should be if you’ve given them your money.

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Forex Scam Website Address:

The Mcoinmarket website is down at present. We don’t expect for it to go back up any time soon.

Is Mcoinmarket a regulated broker? 

No, they’re not even a little bit regulated. Despite any claims that representatives of Mcoinmarket have made or any language on their website, Mcoinmarket has no recognized certificate from any legitimate regulatory body. Not from a government body or from a recognized private organization. 

Every bit of information on the Mcoinmarket website has been confirmed false. Everything regarding their company.  

Picture of MCoinmarkets Homepage on their scam website

Mcoinmarket Homepage

Mcoinmarket Trustpilot Reviews

If there is one way to check a review on a site like Mcoinmarket, it’s by checking their trustpilot page. We are aware of questionable reviews on many trustpilot pages, however the Mcoinmarket Trustpilot page seems to say it all.

Mcoinmarket Trustpilot

How do we know for sure if Mcoinmarket is a full blown scam?

By now many people are already aware of this type of crypto scam, but the relies on the expertise of its experienced professionals who verify their reporting information using time-tested tools and sources. For the Scam News Channel the criteria for identifying a scam and why Mcoinmarket has been confirmed as a scam extends further than just fitting the description. Actual client testimonials as well as in depth background checking are parts of our process before we suggest that a company is a scam.

MCoinmarket Economic calendar
Mcoinmarket’s fake economic calendar

Any person  who has investment or traded with Mcoinmarket is highly encouraged to make attempts in any way possible to withdraw their money from Mcoinmarket or any account that Mcoinmarket has encouraged you to deposit into. If your funds were deposited using Bitcoin or cryptocurrency you are advised to read the following instructions and to contact us right away. 

I’m still trading with them!!!

If you are at present still in contact with this company and have already made attempts to withdraw your funds but you have done so unsuccessfully, you should be forewarned that any offers from this Forex scam that are accompanied with requirements to pay for your withdrawal are simply Mcoinmarket trying to scam you further for more of your money. 

We advise you to contact us immediately to find out if there are options to recover your money. 


The Scam News Channel was founded to fight online scams, Forex scams, CFD scams, binary options, Bitcoin scams and many others. We are here to offer our  assistance to individuals who have been victimized by any sort of Forex scam or others. New trading scams are occurring every day and should be treated very seriously. As we’ve mentioned if you have already deposited funds with the company in question, you should immediately report it. Once you have filed a complaint, we will do our best to reach out to you as soon as possible. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive a response. If you or someone you know has been victimized by a scam that is not listed on our “Updated scam list” or anywhere on our site, please let us know the details so that we may report on it and organize resources and avenues to provide for those who require. 

Mcoinmarket Review’s did not place this company on the watch list in time

Mcoinmarket was previously placed on the scam watch list and has been confirmed as a forex scam broker. It is highly recommended not to engage in contact or any type of business with this companyBelow is a list of situations that generally accompany an online fraud, if any of the below sounds familiar, we advise not proceeding in any further transactions with this trading platform.

Clear signs of a trading or Bitcoin scam:

-The platform has placed large amounts of pressure on you to place trades 

-The trading platform has pressured you to make deposits (money or Bitcoin) into an account and seems to continue to push you to deposit more money into your account almost every time you speak with the broker

-After having lost a large amount of money the broker continues to pressure you to keep trading and depositing more money 

-You’ve lost a large amount of money and the broker or rep has been fired or so they’ve told you

-The broker has taken money out of your bank account or crypto wallet without permission 

-The broker has charged your credit card without permission 

– The broker has frozen your account on their platform 

-The broker has removed all of your access to your trading account 

-Without any explainable reason you are suddenly unable to log into your account 

-You’ve noticed that money or cryptocurrency has been taken out of your account or Bitcoin wallet

-The platform representative is all of a sudden not answering or taking your phone calls 

-The trading platforms website is suddenly not accessible or has gone down 

-The Forex scam representatives have been contacting you from different phone numbers

-The Forex scam is encouraging you to take money to trade with (bonus) 

-The broker is constantly asking you to put in more money even if you’ve told them that you can’t or shouldn’t 

-The broker has offered to put more money into your account after a loss 

-The broker has multiple online negative reviews and when you bring this up to them, they have a way to explain it away. 

-The Forex company has no online reviews 

-The Forex company has no web presence or very little web presence 

-The online reviews are consistently negative reviews followed by positive reviews that were left the same day or the next. is owned by the Scam News Channel group and is one of the few online resources where victims can report new scams and ongoing scams to have the information reported for the sake of preventing further victimization. The Scam News Channel also goes to great lengths to provide honest answers to the number one question of scam victims; “Can I get my money back?”

Getting Your Money Back 

Unfortunately in many circumstances the answer may be no. This however is not true across the board as there are many situations where scam victims can recover their lost money. This however is a darkened reality as the dangers of victims being re-scammed by fake recovery companies and scammer individuals lurking through the web are many, very many. We do our best and will continue to do our best to let you know if your case is recoverable or not, and if it’s not we’ll tell you. 


Never pay an upfront fee to an individual or company who tell you that they can recover your bitcoin for you. Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin recovery is a very difficult thing and to date there are no statistics showing that a specific method works or that a specific company can recover Bitcoin. We have received reports that Bitcoin was recovered in certain cases but not in a way that has shown to work in more than the specific cases where it was applied. That being said, until we are proven otherwise, anyone guaranteeing or charging money to assist in Bitcoin recovery is likely a scammer. 


The Scam News Channel also offers reviews on companies that are not scams and regulated companies. Being a crowd-sourced website we highly promote critique to our content. If you’ve found anything that we’ve written to be inaccurate or outdated in any way we ask that you let us know right away and to please provide the sources and information that you believe is correct or up to date. Contact Us Today

There is a good chance that you can recover your money from this company. Send us the details of your case and we’ll let you know as soon as possible how you can recover your money and fight back.