Is Hugosway a legit broker? 

Hugosway has loads of negative online reviews, but are they really a scam? Or are there just a lot of unhappy customers?

The Hugosway Scam

Is Hugosway a regulated broker?

The Hugosway Scam

Definitely not! Hugosway doesn't have any regulation. Their website claims that they are looking for the right one. Hmmm...

The location listed on the Hugosway website doesn't exist. So if they were to be prosecuted they'd first have to be found.

If Hugosway is a scam, why haven't they been arrested and shut down?

Withdrawing funds from Hugosway? 

Probably not going to happen

Hugosway clients seem to all have the same complaint. They can't withdraw their funds.

How are they still in business?

It seems that Hugosway does just enough to appear legitimate. With all of the bells and whistles of a real Forex broker, it's hard to tell that they are a scam. But they are. It is possible to get your money back from Hugosway, we can tell you how.

The Hugosway Scam continues.